Slack outage, but still mark the build successful

Today, slack has outage (if you check, all slack services are red)

Because of this, all builds in Drone are failed, because the slack notification step is applied to all drone pipelines as last step.

Could we change slack notification pipeline as lowest priority, and don’t mark builds as failed, when slack notification step is failed.

You might create an issue here:

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Thans, @jesselang

I think it should be a generic feature in Drone, that not only required in slack plugin.

I am looking for a feature that mark any steps if I think it is not important in the whole build processes.

I agree, this seems like a good generic drone feature. I got hit by the same slack outage ([Duplicate] Non fatal pipeline steps) but could see this also happening with other steps in our pipeline (updating jira issues, etc) that are not indicative of a “failed” build.

If other’s agree, I’d be happy to take a stab at implementing something and PRing it with a bit of guidance.

This capability is supported in the new yaml and runtime packages by adding allow_failure: true to the step. These new packages will be introduced in 0.9


@bradrydzewski Awesome! Thanks!

That will be really helpful, Thanks for adding the feature, I am waiting for the new release.

By the way, after hit 0.9, will you plan GA 1.0 formal release soon?