Skip steps based on custom parameters/env vars?

I have a use case where I need to trigger a build using the API, as explained here:

POST /api/repos/{namespace}/{name}/builds?branch={branch}&{key=value}

But I also need to skip some of the steps that would normally run in a normal webhook-triggered build, based on the params that I pass in the URL.

Is that possible? I couldn’t find documentation for something like that.


Hi Simon,

Yes, this is possible using Starlark. I discuss this use case here. You can use these links to lear more about using Starlark and installing the server extension:

Note that in the coming weeks we will add Starlark support to Drone core which would eliminate the need to use a separate extension.

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Hi @bradrydzewski , thanks for the super quick response!

Does this mean I will have to convert my entire .drone.yml file into a file? Or can they be used together?


Hi Simon,
Yes, this means you would need to use Starlark as opposed to Yaml. The Starlark scripting language provides the power of a full programming language and would support your use case, but the tradeoff is that you would need to convert your Yaml to Starlark.

Ok, thanks for the help!