Setting a default runner

We have dozens of projects already using Drone. They are all being built on the only runner we currently have, an Ubuntu machine using docker. We’re adding a new iOS app that needs to be built on a MacOS machine. I’ve set up a new runner on a Mac.

Is there any way to tell Drone to always use the Ubuntu runner, unless specifically told to use the Mac runner? I don’t want to have to update the pipelines across ALL of the existing projects for the sake of this single new project, unless I absolutely have to.

Also, if I want to select the Mac runner by OS what value do I have to pass to the router to select the machine? I can’t find the specific OS names, or the key I have to pass the value to, anywhere in the documentation.

assuming you are using an exec runner? runners are os and architecture-aware. a runner installed on mac will only accept pipelines where os: darwin which means existing pipelines will not be routed to your mac machines. so no need to change your existing pipelines …

excellent, thank you!