Set Up Notifications About a Target-level Issue

A Target can have associated with it one or more notifications. Target-level notifications work as follows:

  1. A Policy that includes the Target in question picks up vulnerabilities which generate ZeroNorth Synthetic Issues.
  2. If a resulting ZeroNorth Synthetic Issue qualifies for generating an Alert (e.g. based on Severity or because of a Ruleset ), ZeroNorth sends out Notifications, one per Synthetic Issue.

A Notification is sent only when a net new Issue is detected or a Remediation of previously known Issue is detected. There are four types of Notifications:

  1. Email
  2. Slack (see the article Integration Guide - Slack for details)
  3. JIRA (see the article Integration Guide - JIRA for details)
  4. Azure Teams(see the article Integration Guide - Azure Teams for details)

Also, see the article Customizing Notifications using Notification Templates about controlling the level of detail included in these Notifications.