SAML Authorization Error Code 8050

Problem Description:

When logging in via SAML/SEO authentication you received Error Code 8050.


SaaS: Version 4.53.0 and newer
Hybrid: Version 4.53.0 and newer
On-Premise: Version 4.53.0 and newer


  • Review your SAML configuration


SAML authentication succeeded, however, the user is not granted permission to any environment.

This may happen in 2 cases:

  1. SAML_GROUPS_ENABLE_BACKWARS_COMPATIBLE_MODE was enabled AND the SAML_BASIC_SSO_MODE_DEFAULT_ROLE property was set to No_Access AND the SAML assertion for the user contains Environment names without specific Roles.
  2. There are no services on the domain.
    This may happen when the domain initializer has removed all available Services (Environments) from the Domain scope, so there are no environments to grant permissions to.