S3 Storage: Non-AWS Server

From https://docs.drone.io/administration/server/database/, “S3 Storage” is a great feature. But as the code isn’t available, I wonder which client implementation is used to connect to S3, and if it’s technically possible to connect to a non AWS S3 bucket… such as minio, GCP, DO, etc.

One of the best Go client is https://github.com/minio/minio-go which I hope you use. If yes, is there a environment variable to specify the endpoint?

Just ran into this same question and after a bit of perusing it appears that the current code does not support specifying an endpoint unless you want to mount in a configuration file and have the aws-sdk-go read from it. I wasn’t a huge fan of doing the aforementioned behavior so I created this PR to add the logic/environment variable.