S3 cache plugin suddenly failing


I have been using the S3 cache plugin successfully for a couple of months, but now it suddenly stopped working and giving a validation error.

My yaml build step:
- name: cache-restore
image: plugins/s3-cache
pull: true
endpoint: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com
region: eu-central-1
restore: true
root: /mybucket/

“validation failed: region eu-central-1 already specified in endpoint remove from config”

I removed the region-value and tried again, then build step is passed as succeeding, but when inspecting closer it actually failed:

Status: Image is up to date for plugins/s3-cache:latest
4 time=“2020-08-19T10:47:12Z” level=info msg=“mode specified using boolean config” flush=false rebuild=false restore=true
5 time=“2020-08-19T10:47:12Z” level=info msg=“using mode” mode=restore
6 time=“2020-08-19T10:47:12Z” level=info msg=“region found in S3 endpoint” region=eu-central-1
7 time=“2020-08-19T10:47:12Z” level=info msg=“using S3 endpoint” endpoint=s3.amazonaws.[com] use-ssl=true
8 time=“2020-08-19T10:47:12Z” level=info msg=“restoring cache” fallback=/mybucket/master/archive.tar path=/mybucket/master/archive.tar
9 time=“2020-08-19T10:47:12Z” level=info msg=“downloading file” bucket=mybucket key=master/archive.tar
10 time=“2020-08-19T10:48:01Z” level=warning msg=“Cache could not be restored error when accessing bucket mybucket: Head “https://mybucket.s3.dualstack.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/”: 301 response missing Location header”
11 time=“2020-08-19T10:48:01Z” level=info msg=“cache restored”

us-east-1? 301 response?

Then build continued anyway and when reaching the step to rebuild the cache, which normally takes 15-30s, well now it is still sitting at that step 30 minutes later.

Any idea what has happened? Some change in the plugin recently?

I recommend creating an issue at drone-plugins/drone-s3-cache. I can see commit activity for this plugin so it is possible there is a regression. However, this plugin is community maintained, and the community maintainers may not monitor this discourse forum, so a github issue is probably your best option to get help.

OK, I was considering to do that first but there was a note saying issue needs to be discussed here before opened in Github. Anyway I opened the issue if someone comes by here: https://github.com/drone-plugins/drone-s3-cache/issues/63

OK, I was considering to do that first but there was a note saying issue needs to be discussed here before opened in Github

thanks for the heads up. I can see how this is confusing. I will ask them to remove this from community-driven projects