Running Cleanup of Hits and/or Logs on OverOps Backend

The OverOps backend by default cleans up snapshots referenced in storage and database every 90 days. The backend cleans up the section where all the graphs are saved (24 hr, 7 days, etc.). This job is cleaned up every day at 3:30 am server time.

Sometimes, users may be looking to remove some data before the 90-day threshold (i.e. size of storage location is growing too large).

There is a script users can use to perform a clean-up job and it is accessible/executable from the OverOps backend via the command line.

Access the takipi-server/bin directory. There will be a takipi-cleanup script file available (

Here’s is the command that can assist along with parameters that can be used with this cleanup:

  cleanup storage configurations:  -h --help                    Print this usage     --days                    Data files without modification in the past days   (default: 90)     --logs-days               Logs files without modification in the past days   (default: 90)

For example, users can perform ./takipi-cleanup --days 30 as this will perform a clean-up job of data files that are older than 30 days.

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