Rollback via UI - 404 not found

I am attempting to use the rollback feature via the deployment menu and the web request seems to fail with 404 not found. I am using the kubernetes drone image.

I tested a rollback from the user interface and was unable to reproduce any issues:

I recommend providing more details such as your server logs, with debug logging enabled, which would reveal more information about why this failed as well as your yaml. A 404 could indicate you have insufficient permission to execute the rollback. It could also indicate your yaml file excludes rollback events depending on how you configured triggers. You should also make sure you are on the latest stable version of Drone (1.9.0) to ensure you have access to any improvements or fixes.

It was admin priv, didn’t realize it was required, thanks.

ahh … rollback should actually require write access, not admin access. I submitted a patch to resolve.

note that this patch is now available in the drone/drone:latest image