Restarting a promoted build loses target environment

When I try to restart a build that has been run as the result of a promotion, drone seems to trigger a new promotion build, but with the variable set to empty - for example, if I run

drone build promote my/repository 123 production

It works fine, but when I hit the restart button in the UI for this build, it does something roughly the equivalent of

drone build promote my/repository 123

(after the 123 intentionally left blank)

Does anyone know if this intentional behaviour?

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good catch, looks like the Deployment field is not being copied to the hook. Also looks like customer parameters are not being copied.

We’re suffering from this too :slight_smile:
Another detail is that promotion builds report to github as “pr check builds”, so github marks the deployment itself as abandoned after some time.

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Same issue. Any plans to fix it ?

This issue was fixed a few months ago, see fa8e17dc3764d58bdef575f8bb8c97a3a90c6add