Restart build always fails

When I click on button restart build, I always get the error message “Failed to restart your build”.

It generates rest call to “POST{repo_owner}/{repo_name}/builds/2785?fork=true always” returns 404.
(I don’t reveal {repo_server} and {repo_name} on purpose for confidentialy)

Any idea what I should have a look at?

My coworkers can restart build. I tried clearing cache, using other browsers, none of them worked

Restarting a build requires write access to the repository. A 404 would indicate you are either logged out, or do not have adequate permissions in your version control system (e.g. github) to execute the operation.

Thx for the answer. I am a commiter on the repo, which is hosted in bitbucket and I used google authentication from offered by bitbucket to log in.

I gonna check on bitbucket side