[RESOLVED] GitHub API Regression, nil pointer error

There has been a regression with the GitHub API (not Drone) that is causing failures. The GET repository payload is missing the permissions object which should always be returned when making authenticated requests. There is nothing we can do – not even a temporary patch – because drone cannot function without this information. I have created a support ticket with github.

    "id": 16607898,
    "name": "drone",
    "full_name": "drone/drone",
    "permissions": { <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< missing
      "admin": false,
      "push": false,
      "pull": true
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UPDATE: github has confirmed the regression

Thanks so much for reporting this, Brad – that indeed seems like a regression and the team is already looking into this. I can’t promise an ETA, but we’ll followup as soon as there’s any news. Sorry for the trouble!

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UPDATE: everything operating normally

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