[Resolved] [0.8.5, 0.8.3] GitLab 11.1.1 can't sync repo

I have problem with GitLab version 11.1.1 it uses v4 API, that supported by Drone long time ago.
It was ok with GitLab 9.x and Drone uses GitLab v3 API, but now we need to use GitLab v4 API so I removed this settings from Drone.yaml.
When I trying to enable repository in UI I receive this message:

*Gitlab.buildAndExecRequest failed: <400> https://git.paas.workslan/api/v4/projects/ac-architecture%2Fstrategy-of-injecting-config/services/drone-ci?drone_url=https%3A%2F%2Fci.paas.workslan&enable_ssl_verification=false&token=SOME_TOKEN

And Drone reports 500.
Drone version is 0.8.3. A bit outdated but at this time GitLab v4 already existed for long time.
Can you support with this issue?

Just tested with latest version of drone 0.8.5 still same problem

It was needed to enable one switch the related to SSRF.
Read here part under Update (2018-03-21 7:00PM UTC) title