Reschedule execution of a build


I’m evaluating and I’m looking for a solution to re-run a job that failed. The job failed because of environment issue. So basically, I fixed the environment problem and I want to re-run the job.
I don’t want to make a commit to trigger the build.

Any solution for me ?

Yes, you can re-run a build by clicking the re-start button in the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the page.

I might be blind, because I cant find the restart button in the menu. Using 0.8.4.

Screenshot of what you would typically see below. In this case, I wonder if your build is in an inconsistent state due to server or agent restarts? In the left column I see your overall build is still pending, and a pending build cannot be restarted. If this is a zombie, stuck build, you need to use the drone kill command (you can search discourse for more instructions)