Remote and local path to git repo

So I have drone and gitea running on a swarm and each with it’s internet url

drone/drone:latest container has DRONE_GITEA_HOST variable which it uses to define server to pull from and (I presume) for the oauth login.

However that means the drone process is cloning the repository over the internet whuch takes a LONG time (v slow here and v big repo) - what I really need is two urls so I can set drone to clone over the swarm overlay network which will be far faster.

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if/how this is possible?

The clone URL comes from the Gitea API. I believe can change the clone URL returned by Gitea by setting the ROOT_URL configuration parameter in Gitea, however, you may want to check with the Gitea community support to verify.

Thanks I’ll have a play with that although I suspect the config should just be for the drone - as one might also connect other apps which wouldn’t want to use it…