Release Naming options and suggestions in Harness

Each release performed via harness on a k8s cluster via a cloud provider can be given a name, which can be used to track or identify your release versions. This release name is what you will see as the output deployed result on your cluster. The release name is configured via the Infra definition in the “Environments” section of your application. i.e.
Application → Environments → Infra-definitions (edit)

Once you click on “edit” using the 3 dots of any Kubernetes infra-def you should see a text-box called “release name”, we do not recommend using a static name here.

This field can be utilised to generate a unique or incremental name to your release using static + {harness variables} or {harness variables} alone.
some example of such can be



There is an entire list of built-in variables which can be used in a combination to generate a desired release name documented in Built-in Variables List - Docs.
Please note: Deployments may fail if the release name is longer than a character length of 63 chars, so please configure the name in an according manner will help prevent this.