Regarding the drop of signature of .drone.yml


I recently upgraded from 0.5 to 0.8 and i notice that in 0.6 that support is completely gone.
I read and i agree that its hard to use for starters.

But i would like to protect my .drone.yml from being change from anyone else but me, how do i achieve that now since current security policy that would protect it only from pull requests.

Could it be extended like some option in admin panel that allows selecting list of people that can actually do changes over to .drone.yml, if someone else changes it to disable drone from running until approval from listed.


Gated builds are exactly what you want to enable. You can enable that within the drone repo settings. If somebody changes your drone config you have to accept or decline this build, until one of that happened the build is in a pending state.

Thanks for the quick reply i enabled it, will those be part of drone’s UI, is it planned?

Yes, the upcoming version will have buttons for that where you currently got the restart button.

I actually notice that ‘Protected’ got ticket when i set gated to true, is that actually it?