Regarding the CI capability to run pipeline jobs/tasks on server/agent machine


I am writing to check the capability offered by harness CI for custom requirement to run the pipeline tasks/jobs directly on the agent/server. Do we have that option to run the tasks directly on an agent or a server machine without having to run the jobs on a container. I understand Drone runs each steps in a container. Is it possible to configure the pipeline to run on an agent directly rather? Also if there is a custom requirement for the application to install other vendor product application on the agent server and use the same during the maven build through the pipeline, is that possible via Harness CI? Is harness CI customizable for specific application requirements? Can you please provide some details around this?

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Curious about your use case. So you want to run tasks on the actual machine that is hosting the agent?
Potentially can use the SSH Runner in Drone, this is something I personally have not done.

SSH Runner:

Would that be for making modification to the underlying machine or are you needing a dependency off of the host machine?