Refine AWS costs using the Tags (cost allocation tags) attached to various services in perspectives

Harness Cloud Cost Management

Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) allows you to see your AWS costs at a glance, understand what’s costing you the most, and analyze cost trends. CCM Perspectives show data for all Amazon Web Services (ECS, EC2, etc.)

Problem statement

Though I can pull AWS costs by selecting AWS account, I can’t refine by using category of tags called “cost allocation tags”


In perspectives we have a filter Group By Under AWS, we can Group by Service, Account, Region etc one of them is Tags Each tag that you assign to your AWS resources. You can select a Tag name to get further granular details of your tags.l. You won’t be able to filter by Label unitl you activate the user-defined cost allocation tags in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console

Activating user-defined cost allocation tags : Activating user-defined cost allocation tags - AWS Billing

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