Recommendations for tagging and version updates

I have drone (0.8.5) successfully responding to GitHub events on our repos, and am trying to understand the “expected” pattern that Drone wants with regards to tagging, deployment, etc. Currently, when a PR is merged to master we’re doing the following in our .drone.yml:

      event: [ push ]
    image: node:8.11.1
      - "npm --unsafe-perm version patch -m 'version bump: %s [ci skip]'"
      - git push --follow-tags --set-upstream origin master

      event: [ tag ]
    image: plugins/gcr
    secrets: [ google_credentials ]
    auto_tag: true

The [ci skip] in the comment (for the commit created by npm version) is needed to ensure that the push of the version update doesn’t trigger another build and version bump. The problem is that this means that the webhook for the tag event also has the [ci skip] comment, and thus gets ignored. We could do the GCR publish on the push event as well, but then auto_tag: true only tags the image with latest, and not with the version numbers.

Are we going about things the wrong way? To me, npm version is the way you are supposed to update a package’s version number, and doing this via CI/CD after a PR is merged to master is the appropriate time to bump the version if you want it to be automated. Is there some other way to ensure that the commit from the git push won’t cause a subsequent build, but the tag from the push will? Alternatively, is there a way to allow the GCR (a.k.a. drone-docker) plugin to make use of the tags on the push event instead of only on the tag event?

One option would be to allow the auto_tag/default_tags option to work the same during the push event as it does in the tag event… especially since you can easily not ask for the automatic tags if you specifically only want “latest”. If you’re open to this as an option, I could provide a PR for the drone-docker plugin.