Read-Only User Support

Hi Sir,

Recently we are aware that we’ve touch the user count limit,
but most users are only use drone ui to view the build status instead processing other restart operation,
so just wondering is there any read-only support for user?
Or can we use read-only group instead?


Hello @Jason_Chuang,

Currently there is no readonly user and we are in process of implementing some changes around identifying the type of user, but we can not provide an ETA,

Do inactive users count against usage limits?

The system does not differentiate between active an inactive users. This is because a user may look inactive (may not have recently authenticated) but may still be triggering builds and viewing results outside of the user interface (using command line tools, github status, etc).

We recognize our usage calculations are naive and could be improved to better reflect actual usage. We are considering adopting an active user formula that matches our competitors:

An active user is anyone who triggers a build to run on Drone. The following count as an individual user:

  1. Commits from registered and unregistered users that trigger builds, including pull request merges, and dependabot.
  2. Running or re-running builds from the website or command line tools.
  3. Running builds using cron
  4. Machine users

The above formula may significantly increase user counts for some customers and reduce user counts for others. If we decide to change our usage formula we will provide 90 days notice to current customers.

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