Reach drone server from cloud.drone

I have a drone server running on my VPS, and a runner (my PC).

I’ve created a git repo with a .drone.yml file.

kind: pipeline
name: default
type: docker


  • name: greeting
    image: alpine
    • echo hello

I’ve also activated the repo from “
Now, when I push to the repo, I can see in “” that the echo command actually happens,
But even if stop my drone server (docker stop), the push event triggers the action.

So I’m not sure where this is happening (if my server is down),
and how can I run these commands on my runner (through server).

Another question,
There is a way to save the yml file in another location (I would like to keep my github repo clean).

I think perhaps there is a misunderstanding. is a saas version of drone. when you install Drone server on your own VPS you are self-hosting Drone and you are not using the saas version. So stopping your self-hosted version of Drone on your VPS does not have any impact on