RC1 misses log-following and "back to top" options

First of all, congrats for the awesome release! V1 is finally near.

I am currently trying out the new images. As far as I can see, the step output can only be followed manually through scrolling. Any plans to add back the automatic log-following toggle?

Yes, there are still a number of outstanding tasks before the UI will be complete (and before we will tag 1.0 final). We are tracking overall progress here: https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/projects/2 and outstanding items related to the build / logs page here: https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/issues/211

Thanks for the update.

(By the way, I think calling this version a release candidate is slightly misleading. The general consensus for the meaning of “release candidate” seems to be that all features have been implemented and the developers are waiting for testers to report last-minute bugs. Maybe “beta” would have been a better label for the current version. Just my 2 cents, feel free to ignore ;))

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I think release candidate is appropriate in this case because we could use this as the final release, pending further testing. I do hope we can refresh the snapshot of the UI before we tag a 1.0 final, however, we will not block on any UI changes to tag a final release. But I understand we might look at this differently. Either way, there is nothing we can do about it at this point :slight_smile:

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