Pulling image from ECR

I am using plugins/ecr to build and push my docker images to ECR but now in next step I need them to run some tests. I tried “dockerconfigjson” approach but it ECR only generate token for 12 hours after which it get expire.
Any steps or guidance for pulling images from ECR.


Could you please confirm if your test takes more than 12 hours, Also could you please share your sample yaml file that you are using.

Harness Support

thank you @csgit for your response,
i have 2 pipelines one for building docker images and push them to ECR (which i have done successfully, thanks to brad), now the second pipeline is where i need to run tests using those images, in short i need to pull them in next pipeline where i will run tests.



  • name: build-auth
    image: plugins/ecr
    depends_on: [ clone ]
    from_secret: aws_access_key_id
    from_secret: aws_secret_access_key
    repo: cloudvista
    region: xxx
    registry: xxx.dkr.ecr.xxx.amazonaws.com
    tags: auth${DRONE_COMMIT:0:7}
    dockerfile: path/to/dockerfile
    context: path




  • dockerconfigjson

but as you can see by default Docker ECR token is only valid for 12 hours, how can i get out of this loop.
i read and go through some plugins and a post by brad but nothing seems to be working!