Pulling docker images at runtime from private nexus repository

I am facing an issue while deployment to AKS with Harness Pipelines, I am getting this error : Failed to apply default image tag “${artifact.metadata.image}”: couldn’t parse image reference “${artifact.metadata.image}”: invalid reference format InspectFailed.
During the deployment stage where I have configured Artifacts and added the image path and tag and in Value.yaml , I have put image: ${artifact.metadata.image}
dockercfg: <+artifact.imagePullSecret> and calling the same in deployment.yaml as {{.Values.image}} and also added the imagepullSecrets as below but still getting the above error as not able to parse.
{{- if .Values.dockercfg}}
- name: {{.Values.name}}-dockercfg
{{- end}
Am I missing something ?

Hi @Neeraj_Sharma, is this issue resolved?