Pull_request trigger not firing to BitBucket Cloud


For push event it works just fine, but for pull_request it doesn’t fire the steps.

    - pull_request

I’m seeing my repo webhooks history and the Pull Request WebHook is being sent and the status is 200, but the response from the Drone server is an empty body.

Any idea on how to debug or make this work?


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Bitbucket Cloud does not support pull request refs [1]. This issue [1] must be resolved by Atlassian before Drone can support pull request hooks from Bitbucket Cloud.

[1] https://jira.atlassian.com/projects/BCLOUD/issues/BCLOUD-5814

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wow, crazy! Thanks @bradrydzewski

Is there a way to contribute with the documentation? There are a couple of not obvious things (like this one) that can maybe be added.

Is [1] the reason why DRONE_PULL_REQUEST env var is not set in my builds?