Provide a versioned URI for package download

Current situation:

The CLI package for Linux x64 is obtained via

This URL does not contain version information, and new packages are deployed to the same location. When this happens, it breaks the packaging process downstream.


Change the URL to something such as<version>/linux/amd64/drone.tar.gz

When a new version of drone CLI appears, existing packaging processes will not break, but simply install a now outdated version until the maintainer can update the package.

While this is not desirable, it is much less annoying to users of said package than a package that simply does not install, and which they do not understand how to fix.


Package systems such as the Arch User Repository do not distribute binary packages, but recipes that each user builds on his own machine. The process usually includes downloading a binary package from upstream and verifying it via checksum, or building a VCS checkout locally, depending on what is available and the nature of the package (many packages offer both versions, a stable binary, and an unstable package that builds off git/svn/etc on demand).

I have recently picked up maintenance of the drone-cli package in the AUR, and the lack of a versioned URL upstream is certain to provide me with headaches down the line, as has happened with other packages in the past.