Promotion ignored on tag events with [skip ci]

Drone version: drone/drone:latest


When promoting a tagged build with a commit containing [skip ci] the promotion fails silently. Even though the original tag event was successfully completed.

Based on the Skipping | Drone docs, it seems ok to assume this should be triggered.

The skip directive is ignored for tags and promotion events, and when manually triggering pipelines.

In this case the first tag event was triggered where its promotion was ignored.

Expected behaviour

I would like to trigger a promotion via the UI or CLI and having the promotion starting its pipeline steps.

Actual behaviour

The promotion is never triggered and fails with the steps (4.1 and 4.2) listed below

Steps to reproduce:

  1. push a tag event with v.2.0.1 [skip ci];
  2. commit event is ignored (expected);
  3. tag event is triggered and completes successfully (expected) [build 165];
  4. Promote [build 165] to stable environment channel;
    4.1. UI silently fails with log Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: n is null - related #8716
    4.2. drone build promote org/repo 165 stable returns the bellow:
Number: 0

Hello @zanona,

To understand the issue, could you please provide below details for our review:

  1. .drone yml file that you are using
  2. Debug level server and runner logs

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