Promoting a build by branch

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Is it still possible to promote a build from a repo on a specific branch ? I saw this comment (EDIT: original comment deleted) but I am still unable to do it, I get Incorrect Usage: flag provided but not defined: -branch, and I didn’t see anything about this argument in drone-cli/drone/build/build_promote.go

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Drone does not support --branch for build promotions. The referenced comment is unfortunately inaccurate.

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Thanks for the answer ! Has this feature already been requested ?

I would like to use the promotion feature for deployment, but very often I have the usecase of deploying the application from a feature branch, and leave it in production for a few until actually merging with master.

The drone build promote feature promotes an existing build. When you push to your feature branch it will execute a Drone build. You can then promote this build, by build number, to the target environment. You can then promote the build, by build number, to production.

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Ah yes that’s right absolutely ! Got confused for some reason, was running into errors because the version of the drone CLI I was using wasn’t matching the one from the server.

Thanks a lot !