Problems setting up Drone on kubernetes running in private AWS VPC

I have a kubernetes cluster running in a private VPC on Amazon.

However, deploying Drone in this cluster leads to this issue: couldnt-resolve-host-on-clone. It doesn’t matter if I use weave-, flannel- or calico-networking.

There is a workaround mentioned in the comments of that thread, but unfortunately manually applying changes to iptables is not an option in this case.

Is there a way to configure the deployment of Drone, or configuring the initial setup of the cluster (using kops), so that the build agents can resolve external hosts in a private VPC running kubernetes?

Just to be clear, the goal here is to not have to manually adjust anything after the cluster is set up and Drone is deployed.

The recommended configuration is to run docker:dind in the same pod as the agent. For some this has resolved the networking issues.

See Builds fail to resolve during git clone while running on kops Kubernetes

I am going to close this in favor of one of the existing threads we have on this topic (below). I would prefer to keep all discussion in one place to avoid skattering and duplicating discussion.

There is also an existing docker issue and workaround in the comments.