Private docker registry what are people using?

Just curious what people are using for a private registry ? I found harbor which looks nice but figured i would ask what others use and what should work nicely with drone ?

Hi, I used the self-hosted registry, but found it more expensive and buggy than using a service.
Right now using AWS’s ECR.
It’s great in terms of availability, speed, and costs.
The down-sides are inconvenient long names, and constant 12-Hr keys rotation.
For drone I’ve created a small plugin that authenticates and pulls relevant images:

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Another solution I just implemented is to use the drone-go libraries to create a aws lambda which updates the credentials for our ecr registry every 6 hours (tokens last 12 hours)

This solves the problem and is transparent to end users.

Sonatype Nexus 3 has a pretty great implementation for Docker Registry, and support all types of blob storage. It was pretty trivial to write a couple of Drone plugins to publish containers, tar.gz artifacts, etc to it