Premade reallife examples

Hy there!

I’m relatively new with this tool. I have days in it by now, but I’m still lost at many points. Is there any good repository with multiple plugin use, and use-cases?
Most of the times I think a good cookbook repo worth much than a tutorial.

I found this: but no cacheing no mail sending no slack integration, no multistep builds, no image pushing to public/private registrys.

The problem I really want to solve right now is caching the maven/sbt/gradle folders, but as I developed my .drone file I had a lot of problem before too. I think this could be good for newcomers.

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Another idea which could work: Make and maintain a list of the projects which are opensourced and use drone :smiley: (Probably it would be a needlessly large list, but could show a lot of real life config examples, for several languages.)

Here’s the .drone.yml we use at my workplace.

It makes use of:

  • MySQL Cluster (NDB)
  • Sonarqube
  • Portus
  • Slack

Hopefully it’s helpful :slight_smile:

Is it a good idea to mounting the maven/ivy/whatever cache as a volume?
My biggest problem is that bcs the jvm world save deps to the home folder, if I want to use cache plugins I need to move the home folder to the work dir and back at the end and the start of every build. Which is a bit ugly. Using a mount is a good idea but clearing cache with commit messages or some branches is still a pain.
I want a more elegant way…

I follow a similar approach: mounting the bundle cache for our rails apps.

You probably have seen this plugin: does the copying and the cache clear on commit messages: