PR Comment or label as trigger

We are currently starting with drone and i am wondering if there is a opportunity to trigger certain pipelines or tasks based on comment or a label.

Forexample we have task inside our pipeline which requires a lot of resources and should on be fired once and not foreach commit.

So there would be several options for us to run this task.

  • Only when all reviews are done
  • When a certain comment was added to the pr
  • When a certain label was added to the pr

I have seen that there is triggers like here: Triggers | Drone where i can catch labeled, but how can i filter for the labels content? Same for comment etc.

We are using Gitea which is able to send a webhool every time labeled, commented and reviewed etc.

I have seen this issue on Github: Control PR build through comments · Issue #2056 · harness/drone · GitHub. It’s. still open, is there any update on it or is there an alternative way?

Thanks in advance

Hi @TautFlorian this looks great to me. Can you submit your proposal to here?