Policy - match repo is not working properly

Hi Brad,
first of all, thanks for the great work. So far I always found useful answers in this forum or in the chatroom but now I have a pickle I couldn’t find answer for.

I’m trying to use policies to attach node_selector to all the pipelines, that don’t originate from “smartlook-frontend” repo. On the picture below you can see the policy, that is directly loaded in drone-runner pod.

The issue is, that all of the pipelines/pods are using the first policy and none gets to use the “default” policy.
I’m sure that the policy file is loaded and used by the drone runner correctly. I tested it by switching policies and it worked. All the pipelines/pods used the node_selector. Even overwriting the node_selector defined in the drone-config.yaml.

Thanks for the answer and I hope I’m not missing out something simple. :smiley:

You should use match.repo instead of match.repos

Thanks. In that case, I suggest to fix it in official documentation here: Policies | Drone