Podman/libpod runtime

I noticed in the Drone 1.x roadmap that various runtimes are being developed/explored. That’s great to hear!

I would like to suggest another runtime. Podman is a container utility with a similar command line interface as Docker. It’s primary advantage is it creates containers as child processes of itself, rather than asking a daemon to do it. It also has excellent support for rootless containers. It can be integrated directly into golang code by using github.com/containers/libpod.

Dan Walsh and Mrunal Patel gave a talk at last year’s Red Hat Summit about podman/libpod and other related tools, I encourage you to take look! The whole talk is good, but if you’re short on time the podman-specific information is from 35:38 to 38:47.


I would also like to recommend Amazon Firecracker as a runtime (it runs Linux VMs). It also has a go sdk.

thanks for the feedback. I have created issues so that both can be tracked:


for any others who are still looking for podman support, there is a nomad runner and i found it being able to run tasks with podman driver.

although there is no need to create a podman runner, i’m learning to create a docker runner fork for podman.