Plugins/slack:latest appears broken

Our drone slack notifications started failing this morning and plugins/slack:latest was updated about 9 hours ago according to dockerhub. Our drone step output now looks like this:

latest: Pulling from plugins/slack
Digest: sha256:bf435a8c7dcdca4aff2b7a633047f760e933dfbf9e0e52247e48751743355237
Status: Downloaded newer image for plugins/slack:latest
time="2021-11-02T21:14:15Z" level=info msg="sending message" channel="#mychannel" username=

And the notification we get in our channel is empty. It’s just the icon.

hey @tjstansell

Thanks for flagging it, we will investigate.


You will need to remove the current Slack image so that it re-pulls the latest image with the fix.
this was due to a change being merged whilst the build / release pipeline was broken. Brad reverted the change and re-released.
apologies for this,

Thanks. I can confirm our slack notifications started working again around 5pm yesterday.