Plugins/downstream - timeout not honored

I am using the downstream plugin to trigger downstream builds. The problem I am trying to solve is when a build for one of the repos I am trying to run is already running and the downstream plugin errors. It appears this problem could be solved in my case by using the wait and timeout parameters. When I specify these it works but it appears my custom timeout is not honored. The default timeout in the code is 1m0s. This is what gets utilized. I need something higher than a minute. Is this functioning as expected or do I have the wrong format in my .drone.yaml?

  • Drone yaml
    image: plugins/downstream
    server: https://{redacted}
    fork: true
    wait: true
    timeout: 30m
      - repo1@develop
      - repo2@develop
    secrets: [ downstream_token ]
      branch: [ develop ]
      event: [ push ]
      success: true

Error output:

BuildLast for repository: repo1@develop, returned build number: 279 with a status of running. Will retry for 1m0s.
time=“2018-10-04T15:10:28Z” level=fatal msg=“Error: timed out waiting on a build for repo1@develop.\n”

Did you ever resolve this?

According to the plugin source ( the env variable is PLUGIN_WAIT_TIMEOUT, so one problably need to use a setting like “wait_timeout: 60m”.