Plugins/docker does not work with identifiant


I was surprised by seeing plugins/docker does not work now. It appears it works with no identifiant given (guest mode so) but when i give an username or an password, i have an error:

- name: publish
  image: plugins/docker
    username: user
    password: password

i have this strange error:

+ docker run -d nginx
2 c8abb4704980c60b47366a961b3a5be7fd981fc8a94be04a8ba8719ea47096ce
3 + /usr/local/bin/dockerd --data-root /var/lib/docker
4 time="2019-06-03T21:03:39.467665571Z" level=warning msg="could not change group /var/run/docker.sock to docker: group docker not found"
5 Failed to load listeners: can't create unix socket /var/run/docker.sock: device or resource busy

And in guest mode it works perfectly… i take example configuration on drone repositories…

Anyone has an idea ?
Thank you.

(My drone version is 1.2.0)

something does not make sense in the example above. Where does docker run -d nginx come from? Is this coming from inside your Dockerfile? I would expect something like this to fail …

It was for checking that Docker is accessible. Change nothing about my problem and you can ignore it.

Please provide the following details:

  1. the full yaml (with no changes)
  2. the dockerfile
  3. the build logs for the docker step (full logs)

Also note that this plugin is privileged and runs docker-in-docker so you need to make sure this is not something your host machine security policy prevents.