[plugins/ansible] Issues with ansible_vault_password

During tests with the plugins/ansible I found some issues related to ansible_vault_password

Github Issues should only be made after discussing here, so here I’m.

The output of the first command from the plugin shows that the config file which ansible use is /drone/src/ansible.cfg. But the pluging writes to /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg.

The config did not set ask_vault_pass to False, so every use of ansible_vault_password will lead
to the error:

ansible-playbook: error: --ask-vault-pass and --vault-password-file are mutually exclusive

If syntax_check: true the construction of the ansible command finishes before the ansible_vault_password is set. But syntax check needs also the vault password.

I managed to build a version which works now for me. Did I found an issue or did I completly
missunderstand the plugin?


Second this. It’s still the issue for me.

UPD: found the bug