[plugin - Slack Blame] Always sends success

I have the following step

- name: Notify author of result
  image: plugins/slack-blame
    failure_template: "failure"
    mapping: /drone/src/ci/common/drone/slack-github-user-mapping.json
    success_template: "success"
    token: xxx
    - failure
  - Parse Slack usernames
  - Check code formatting
  - Run SonarQube scanner

When one of steps in depends_on fails Slack plugin detects failure in when and runs - that is correct.
However the status sent into message is wrong - success - see the message in Slack:

Build succeeded

This plugin is maintained by donny-dont and he does not use this forum, so he will not see any bug reports. I recommend either reaching out to him on GitHub or, if you think you have found a bug, perhaps consider sending a patch to https://github.com/drone-plugins/drone-slack-blame.

Thank you! Didn’t notice that. Please close this thread.