Plugin Documentation is returning a 404?


I was trying to look at some plugin documentation (specifically GCR), but the page is returning a 404.

Was this moved? I found Overview | Drone but that page doesnt have all the usual plugin documentation

Hey @d1wilko can you please look into the GCS plugin docs (also the ACR and Heroku)?

Hey Brad, I removed the GCR docs because the source code repo was gone, but I can re add the docs on Monday - for now this should suffice :slight_smile: - drone-plugin-index/ at v1-final · drone/drone-plugin-index · GitHub

re: azure and heroku… I’m not sure they ever existed? certainly not under drone-plugins?

Hey Dan, docker, gcr, acr, and heroku share significant code so we keep them in the same repository, but publish separate images for each. See No worries, we can get these added next week :slight_smile:

Hello, any update on the missing docs?

Hey, yes this is now done :slight_smile: