Pls help drone.yml copy files from gitea to volume/folder on my NAS (Host)

Hi guys

would you please help me
I have Drone CI and Gitea both running in a docker image and what I’m trying to do is that when my code is pushed to Gitea, it gets copied to a certain directory on my Nas. (so on the host, which also runs docker)

how do i get this done? I think I have to work with volume… but iam not sure. what I’ve made so far:

    image: appleboy/drone-ssh
    - name: testfolder
      path: /folder/on/my/nas/
    username: admin
      from_secret: password
    port: 22
    source: ./*
    target: ~/testfolder
     - dsd hoi

  - name: testfolder

do i have to define volumes 2x? And maybe I should define path again at the bottom?

@J_Boesh ,

Could you please try to follow below doc and let us know if you are facing any issue

Hi thanks for your answer. I’ve seen the page but can’t get it to work.

what I’m trying to do: once my gitea code is changed, the code needs to be copied to a certain location (volume) on the ‘host’ (my NAS in this case). Gitea and DroneCI also both run on my NAS (in docker)

do you maybe have a suggestion what drome.yml should look like?

Do I have to follow this page for that?
but then you mount a certain host volume in the image… but all I need is a copy from Gitea to my host volume, I don’t think I have to do anything with an image, do I?

or rather use rsync? rsync | Drone
But I don’t think I can define a host volume here…

a suggestion would be nice!