Planing to use drone ci in my organization

am planing to use dronce ci as my ci tool but i have some parameters to be satisfied.

Must Support the following

  1. Serverless Framework
  2. AWS Parameter Store
  3. Full Integration with GitLab
  4. Must be serverless/PAAS solution.

Does Dronce ci provide support to these parameters and we are using gitlab as repo


Any tutorials explaning the high level architecture?

FYI: At least when I tried to use it with gitlab, the callback to inform gitlab that the job is done didn’t work. And I don’t think it did: Gitlab's Merge Request status not updated

@kotrfa there is an open issue for this. It could be as simple as one line of code and 30 minutes of work, but I’m not sure, as I’ve had other priorities that I have had to address. You can find the issue and repository here, in the event you would like to try and send a pull request to expedite resolution: