Passing Runtime Helm Chart Version using Workflow Variable

This topic we will be talking about how to pass helm chart version on runtime.

There are 2 approach to this, 1 is using Helm chart as an artifact.

That we be used to follow : Deploy Helm Charts - Docs

The approach we will be seeing is the normal helm chart deployment.

Lets start with the Service :

1.) Create a Service with Deployment Type as Kubernetes.
2.) Use the remote manifest and specify the Manifest format as Helm Chart from Helm repository.
3.) Specify the Helm Repository which will be your connector.
4.) Give the chart name.
5.) Input workflow variable as chart version : ${workflow.variables.helm}
Here the variable name is "helm"

Your service will look like :

Now you will create the environment and infra-definition.

Finally you will create the workflow and add a workflow variable named “helm”.

Your workflow will look like :

Now you will trigger the workflow and can specify the chart version at runtime :

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