Panic when attempting to remove deleted repo

When attempting to remove a repo either in the web-ui or from the cli using drone repo rm frebib/drone-log-test when the GitHub repository does not exist, errors, errors everywhere!

$ drone repo info frebib/drone-log-test
client error 500:

Server log:

I’m sure this has been discussed before but a quick search here & on github brings up nothing useful/related.
(Ironically it’s a repo I created to test another drone bug lol)

So if I understand correctly these would be the steps to reproduce?

  1. add repository to github
  2. sync github with drone
  3. repository now visible in drone
  4. delete repository from github
  5. attempt to delete repository from drone (panics)

ok, the stacktrace was helpful. I edited this code last week and introduced a regression. I pushed the following fix: