Overview of the license

Hi all,

I’m looking to get some kind of clear idea about the license model. I have been using Drone on and off at home on my personal projects for a while and I want to try and use it at the company I work for.

I’m looking at the license, posts here and at the website and I am a little confused. If I was to build Drone from source with the “oss nolimits” tags am I able to use that commercially, even if the company is above the payment threshold?


Hi @roly445 welcome to the Harness community :tada:

You can refer to this page: Enterprise | Drone to get some help around this.


Thank you, but that doesn’t help.

The license stated there is different to the licence on github.

@roly445 the link I have shared is the current most up to date information.


Hi @roly445 we use the Polyform small business license for Harness CI team edition and Apache 2.0 for our CI community edition. More infromation regarding this could be found here Open Source | Harness