Overriding default behavior of reporting GitHub deployment status


I’m trying to build CI/CD around GitHub’s deployment API.
Once a deployment is created, I run a drone pipeline which runs unit test, builds docker image, and pushes to private registry. Then Spinnaker will detect newly created image and trigger deployment pipeline.
With drone 1.3.1, I was able to trigger pipeline upon promotion event, and it updates deployment status as success when pipeline is complete. So the deployment is marked as success while I want Spinnaker to take over and continues to update deployment statuses.
What would be advisable way to report custom status(i.e. in_progress,)?

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Drone supports global webhooks:

You could do the following:

  1. setup a global webhook to a URL
  2. create a small micro-services that receives webhooks
  3. ignore all webhooks except build finished webhooks
  4. when you receive a build finished webhook, make an API call to the GitHub API and report a custom status

Thanks for the quick reply!
I wasn’t aware of global webhook. I think this will do the job.
Maybe I need to custom trigger drone pipeline since triggering with promotion event will create deployment status.