OverOps Agent not starting and no logs are being generated

The OverOps agent is not starting when trying to attach it to an application at runtime.

No logs are being created inside the takipi/log/agents directory.
A fresh install of an agent does not create a Spider folder inside the takipi/resources directory.

The user has verified that the Java command being passed is as follows: java -cp javaApp.jar agentpath:/path/to/agent

Any version of the OverOps agent

Ensure that the agentpath is set before the -cp argument.

Example: java agentpath:/path/to/agent -cp javaApp.jar

The Java command is executed using parameters being passed from left to right. When the agentpath is provided after the jar file, the application will not include the OverOps agent as it is not included as one of the parameters to be used while the application is running.

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