Outdated drone-runner-docker Images for Windows

I want to run Drone’s Docker runner on Windows Server 2022. Using drone/drone-runner-docker:1 gives me the error “The container operating system does not match the host operating system.”. Looking at drone-runner-docker on the Docker Hub, it seems that the most recent supported version is 1909, which at this point is already no longer supported by Microsoft.

I looked at Drone’s repository and found docker/Dockerfile.agent.windows.<version> files. The only differences between the versions are the used base image, so I was hoping to be able to build my own runner image based on mcr.microsoft.com/windows/nanoserver:ltsc2022. Unfortunately, I was unable to find build instructions for the runner / docker images, the BUILDING file seems to only be for the server.

Finally, I noticed some discrepancies in the mentioned version numbers:

How come the provided images are so outdated? Are recent versions of Windows still supported? Can/should I build my own images? If yes, how?

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I’ve prepared some PR’s for it, but didn’t get any attention yet :confused:

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Thank you! I was able to build the new images from your changes.

I did not even realize there was a GitHub - drone-runners/drone-runner-docker: Drone pipeline runner that executes builds inside Docker containers repository. I saw the Dockerfile.agent.* files in drone/docker at master · drone/drone · GitHub and got mislead into thinking the runners were build from the main repository. Maybe these files are obsolete and should be removed?