Outdated discord plugin

I started using drone about two days ago and so far I love the simplicity. However, I am having issues setting up discord notifications using the discord drone plugin. It seems like its documentation is outdated with the 0.8 format.
I tried converting format to 1.0 myself but I get the error "missing discord config ". This either means I didn’t properly convert it or the plugin itself is outdated. Either way, I am hoping someone more experienced could help update this plugin.

Discord drone plugin: http://plugins.drone.io/appleboy/drone-discord/

0.8 plugins are fully compatible with 1.0, the only thing that changed is the yaml syntax for defining plugin parameters and secrets, which is handled at the drone level (not the plugin level). So in this case the problem would be related to configuration.

That seems to be the case. I’ll do a pull request with the new updated syntax for documentation when I get a chance.